The Startup Quiz - Blossom Accelerator
The Startup Quiz

In this quiz, you will assess 5 important aspects of your business.

Rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 4.

This will give you an overview of your business progress on the business roadmap overall and also per category.


1 out of 6

Category 1: Product or Service

I have a good idea for a product or service
I have tested this idea and got feedback from customers
I am able to communicate my product/service clearly in 3 sentences
I know what problem my product/service is solving
I know who is willing to pay for my product/service
2 out of 6

Category 2: Market Visibility

My business has a website
My business has a brand identity
My business is active on social media
My business has a marketing plan
My marketing budget and spend is well defined
3 out of 6

Category 3: Finances

My business has a financial plan
I am aware of all the fixed expenses that I need to cover monthly
I am able to forecast revenue and expenses
I am confident that I am applying the best pricing strategy
I know how to approach investors or financers to raise money
4 out of 6

Category 4: Sales

My product/service is being sold through more than one sales channel
I am content with the ownership setup of my business
I sell my product/service online
I am able to acquire new customers
I am able to retain existing customers
I am aware of how much it costs me to acquire a new customer
5 out of 6

Category 5: Team & Legal

I have access to all the people & skills I need to grow my business
I know how to ensure all human resources are utilized effectively

All required contracts, registrations & licences are set up and I am confident in the legal compliance of my business

I am part of a strong entrepreneurial community and feel supported in my business

6 out of 6
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