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Two Week Online Certificate Program

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Program

A Draper’s University Program with Blossom Accelerator Partnership

Develop Your Business

Learn how to develop your business from Silicon Valley Founders and Experts.

Online Live Activities

The Program is delivered through online lectures by Silicon Valley Experts and Founders, and through group live activities around challenges

1-On-1 Mentoring

5 Sessions of 1-1 Mentoring with Worldwide industry experts, mentors and investors committed to supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.

$100,000 Funding

Draper University has a fund dedicated to investing up to $100,000 in alumni companies of this program.

What You Will Learn

15 Days of Live Online Program, 2 Hours Daily, First Hand Connections, Networking with over 50 Silicon Valley Experts and Mentors, Entrepreneurs from 45 Different Countries

Module 1 – Technologies of the future

Module 2 – Turning ideas into products that change the world

Module 3 – Designing the next unicorn

Module 4 – Figuring out the right business model

Module 5 – Virtual Herothon with unique prizes

Module 6 – Fundamentals of growth and sales

Module 7 – How and when to incorporate your company

Module 8 – Everything you need to know about fundraising

Module 9 – Become a leader and identify your blind spots

Module 10 – Let’s build great teams

Module 11 – Construct the perfect business pitch

Module 12 – Pitch to investors, win Prizes & Hero Graduation


October 12th – 26th, 2020

Time (KSA Time)

6 PM – 8 PM


2 Weeks Online

2 Hours of Live Sessions Daily, 5 Sessions of 1-1 Mentoring


$490 (Early Bird)

Tuition includes access to all learning platforms, course materials and Slack.

About Blossom Accelerator

Blossom is an accelerator in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Blossom’s mission is to cultivate, create, and connect the technology entrepreneurship community in KSA. We focus on aspiring entrepreneurs, startups in ideation, and early age startups that need further acceleration & resources.

About Draper University

Draper University was started by legendary investor Tim Draper, who invested in companies like Tesla, Skype, Twitch, SpaceX, and Hotmail. DraperU is a school for innovators. We are helping people do the great things they are capable of. Expect to be inspired. To do things you didn’t think was possible. To be fearless. To build a network of friends, mentors, and colleagues that you will take with you on your path.

Showcase in your Linkedin Profile

Earn a digital Draper University certificate upon admission and successful completion of the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Online Program.

Previous Speakers

Tim Draper

Founder – DFJ, DA, DraperU

Jeff Hoffman

CEO – Priceline

John Zimmer

Co-Founder & President – Lyft

Justin Kan

Co-Founder – Twitch

Max Mullen

Founder – Instacart

Daphne Koller

Founder – Coursera

Leah Busque

Founder – Taskrabbit

Chris Barton

Founder – Shazam

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Please read through our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Should you have any additional questions, please send an email to: or send a WhatsApp message to: +1 310 867 0181

Do I need to speak and understand English to enroll in this program?

Yes. This program will be in English as all the expert speakers, mentors and investors are from Silicon Valley, California.

I only have an idea; can I still enroll in this program?

Absolutely! We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and founders in ideation stage to apply as this is a very informative program that will teach you how to launch your company with great success. This program teaches you everything you need to know about startups in 2 weeks. Learning this information on your own without any instruction or personalized feedback might take you 1-2 years at least.

Will what I learn be applicable to starting and growing a. company in the Saudi Arabia or GCC?

Absolutely! The founder & CEO of Blossom Accelerator, Emon Shakoor who is Saudi has taken this program for due diligence and is certain that all teachings from this program is applicable to the Saudi and GCC market. Blossom Accelerator carefully reviews all our partnership decisions and we only partner with entities whom we are certain will add value to Saudi and MENA based entrepreneurs.

Who can enroll in this program, must I be a female founder?

Anyone can enroll and you do not need to be a female led company or female founder for this program. This is a very international program with startups not only from Saudi Arabia but also from around the world.

As a Saudi company can I get investment from the Draper fund?

Yes. Draper University has funded Saudi startups in the past and Draper University can fund companies from all around the world. Enrolling in this program does not guarantee investment but it will help you prepare your startup for an investment opportunity.

Will I gain a valuable network?

Yes. We pride ourselves in the exceptional network we give to entrepreneurs from leaders and experts in Silicon Valley. Speakers are published authors, founders who’ve raised million in VC funding, investors, and professors from leading universities such as Stanford University and UC Berkeley. We have no doubt you will gain an invaluable network.

I already have a company, is this program right for me?

Yes. This program is great for anyone who already has a company and will allow you the space and opportunity to really challenge yourself and take your company or startup to the next level.

I want to sign up but I have questions about the pricing of the program?

The program is priced for early bird enrollment to be $490 and prices can go up to $800 for the program if you register closer to the deadline. The program is priced based on the exceptional Silicon Valley speakers and investors we bring to the program and the exceptional content we offer as Draper University is a leading VC & University worldwide. In addition to the vast array of network you will gain, this program is also a certified program and you can have a testament to your knowledge in entrepreneurship on your CV or Resume. We do offer a discount for founders from MENA by using promocode BLOSSOM

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